Here are some helpful music related links.


National Assosiation of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians. We are the only member in the El Paso area!


An excellent manufacturer of woodwind and brass instruments. Leblanc currently has such prestegious lines as Vito, Holton, Sankyo, and Yanagisawa.  Find everything you want to know about them here!

The Music Group

Wow! Formerly known as the Boosey & Hawkes group out of England, this conglomerate of music manufactureres is quite impressive!  Besson, Buffet Crampon, Hofner, Keilwerth, Roderich Paesold, W. Schreiber and Jakob Winter make for an impressive lineup of instruments of any type!

United Musical

Another impressive conglomerate of band and orchestra manufacturers under Steirnway. Such lines include C.G. Conn, Armstrong, Benge, Scherl & Roth, Artley and King.

Petosa Accordions

Leading manufacturer of accordions!  Great reasources for accordion players!

Music Trader

Lars Kirmser’s Music Trader website. Invaluable reasourses and information on the entore music industry.  This link takes you to the proprietary serial number lists to date just about any instrument.

For Woodwinds:

Unison Woodwind Instruments

Excellent manufacturer of saxophones and other woodwind products.  We are proud to be one of the first dealers to carry their line!

Clark W. Fobes

Excellent maker of woodwind mouthpieces. Their ‘Debut’ mouthpiece is one of our best selling student clarinet mouthpieces.

The J & D Hite Site

Another premier woodwind mouthpiece maker!

Rico Reeds International

Rico knows reeds!  They carry such lines as La Voz, Valentino, Frederick L. Hemke, Mitchell Lurie and Plasticover. A reed for any style and level of music!


Vandoren is a world leader in consistent and professional quality reeds.


Another fine manufaturer of professional reeds for all woodwind instruments from France.


Great resource for saxophone enthusiasts!  Learn everything you would want to know about the sax and more!


EXCELLENT Saxophone site run by legendary sax guru Steve Goodson himself.  One of the best resources on the net for saxophones!

For Brass:

Schilke Music Products

Schilke is an excellent brass instrument and mouthpiece manufacturer.  We are excited to carry their products.  Some of our staff play exclusively on Shilke mouthpieces!

Vintage Corents

Great site for infomation and pictures on vintage cornets!

For Strings:


Legendary electric and bass guitars!


Bjorn Eriksons’s Rickenbacker page.  Excellent reasource for Rickenbacker guitars and basses!

Ernie Ball Music Man

Find out everthing about these increadible guitars and basses!

Stephen Cadney Concert Guitars

A very intersting site about classical guitars and vihuelas made by Stephen Cadney in England.

For Percussion:

Ludwig Musser Percussion

For any information you need on Ludwig Musser drums!


This company has been around for over 375 years! They know cymbals!


Another great cymbal company from our friends in Canada!

If there is a website you think should be on this list please let us know!